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About Our Taijiju Program

taikim_positionTai Chi Jujutsu or Taijiju (supreme ultimate softness) is a soft form of the otherwise harder martial art of JTR Jujutsu. Taijiju was developed by the late Grandmaster Dong Jin Kim (8th Dan) as a way to help practitioners refine the body mechanics of their forms, improve their breathing techniques, and develop what is known in Japanese martial arts as Ki (or Qi in Chinese).

Like the better-known Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan, Grandmaster Kim's Taijiju consists of soft and flowing forms that improve breathing, balance, concentration, relaxation, blood flow, and energy levels. Taijiju is thus an ideal art for older persons, for those undergoing rehabilitation from injuries, and for people with chronic illness. Unlike most Tai Chi instruction, however, the focus in Taijiju is always upon moves that have clear and direct martial application ñ a practical utility that is taught from the beginning and should always remain in the practitioner's mind for the moves of this art are drawn exclusively from the curriculum of JTR combat jujutsu. The Taijiju artist is trained in precisely the same moves as an equivalent hard jujutsu practitioner; they are simply performed in a slow and flowing manner, and with an emphasis on breathing and concentration.

Despite its beautiful and flowing forms, Taijiju is an art that is fully integrated with and indeed actually the same as ñ the Jigo Tensin-Ryu curriculum of techniques. Its forms are the same direct and efficient attack and defensive moves that harder style practitioners employ, for these movements may be slowed down or sped up at will along with a smooth continuum, serving either as qigong-style movement meditation or as brutal and effective high-speed combative techniques. It is thus well suited not merely to persons desiring meditation and health benefits but also to vigorous combat-style martial artists, whose fierce, rapid movements Taijiju will help refine and perfect. Taijiju, in other words, is for everyone.

Benefits of Taijiju:

  • Improve breathing and breath control
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve balance, coordination, and flexibility
  • Reduce stress and improve energy levels
  • Help resist the effects of aging (such slow flowing movements may help with arthritis, low bone density, stiffness, heart disease, hypertension, etc.)
  • Aid rehabilitation
  • Learn movements that can be sped up for use as cardio fitness and strength training
  • Learn potent self-defense and combat techniques in a slow and gentle, no-impact way
  • Easy to practice at home, in the office, in a park, etc.
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