On October 5th, 2017, the students of JTR Jujutsu International, Inc, had their KYU testing and they showcased their very best.  Right before testing, our students reviewed their techniques and mentally prepared themselves to display their skills to the judging panel.  Once they were lined up, testing began!  They were asked to display techniques ranging from striking combinations and kicks to knife defenses, jump rolls, and appointment sparring.  It was a gratifying sight to see their progression in training, commitment to the art, and loyalty to the school; it is our greatest pleasure to congratulate:

Rose Andreatta: 9th KYU

Anna Kelina: 8th KYU

Antonio Levy: 9th KYU

David Morales-Sanz: 4th KYU

Elie Salem: 2nd KYU

Overall an action packed night full of heart and determination, we are extremely proud of our students and will continue to teach them as they continue their journey in learning more techniques in preparation for their next test in 2018.