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Combat Martial Arts School: The Benefits of Enrolling Your Kids

Combat Martial Arts School – Martial arts originated in India around the 2nd century BC and then spread to Asia. It rapidly spread throughout Asia, where the combat techniques were used on the battlefields. Today in our modern society, it has evolved into a form of self-defense. This form involves developing fighting skills; high-intensity moves like kicks, throws, and elbows. People today often take up learning this art for reasons like self-development, confidence, discipline, and physical agility. Martial arts have proven benefits to mental fortitude, focus, enhancing will-power, patience, and inner peace. One hidden treasure, rarely mentioned, is the interpersonal connections and relationships spawned from training, we call this the “Martial Arts Spirit.”

Traditional Japanese martial arts training in Washington DC Area with

Martial arts have become an essential part of many people’s lives, among both adults and children. Parents enroll their kids at schools to improve their health, self-awareness, and discipline. Many adults have made the practice of martial arts a way of life, achieve their fitness goals, and self-confidence to defend themselves.

Black Belt Testing 2019

May 5, 2019 -Congratulations to Mobi Dantley and David Morales-Sanz for their successful day with the black belt promotional testing. Mr. Dantley has now achieved the senior instructor rank of 3rd Degree or Sandan. Mr. Morales-Sanz achieved the milestone rank of 1st Dan or Shodan. These members were challenged to run 3.3 miles over hilly […]


On October 5th, 2017, the students of JTR Jujutsu International, Inc, had their KYU testing and they showcased their very best.  Right before testing, our students reviewed their techniques and mentally prepared themselves to display their skills to the judging panel.  Once they were lined up, testing began!  They were asked to display techniques ranging […]


For everyone's continued safety during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are now offering home training courses in Women's Self-Defense, Adult Combat Jujutsu and Youth Jujutsu. Get empowered and sign-up for a free trial class today.