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About Our Kendo Program

grp_photo_kendo_003Shudokan Kendo follows the strict tradition of Kendo, which means “Way of The Sword” and it is a modern Japanese martial arts of sword-fighting. Traditionally based on the swordsmanship (kenjutsu) from which originated from the samurai class of the feudal Japan. Hanshi Kim kept a strict ideology of traditional kendo, in which there was to be no aggression or need of hurting fellow practitioners. That humbleness and respect for fellow practitioners was just as a important as training. Future students or current practitioners of the arts should reach out to Master Wayne. All ages, levels, and sizes are able to train in Kendo, safely and continuously face new challenges in themselves.

Students will have to purchase a keikogi and hakama as a uniform for class. It is up to the discretion of the instructors on when a student will have to purchase the full bogu (protective armor), which will cover the head, hands, throat, and body. Students will also be required to buy several shinais (bamboo practice swords) and a bokken. The shinai is used to target the head, hands, throat, and body. The bokken is traditionally used for kata practice. As you progress as a student in Kendo, you’ll develop the ability to effectively strike a target, which will determine a score in the competition. Most importantly body, sword, and spirit must connect as one at the moment of striking. This is a fundamental concept in Japanese kenjutsu known as “Ki Ken Tai No Itchi.” To be achieved, it requires much practice and repetition.

Students who practice Kendo will improve their strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and concentration. Further inquiry of about Kendo or Shudokan Kendo, please contact reach out to one of our instructors. Each will be able to give more information about the benefits of training in Kendo. Master Wayne who runs the program, will be able to sign you up for practice. He will also be able to explain Kendo equipment necessary for training and where to purchase.

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Our Kendo program is run by Sensei Wayne. If interested please contact us to schedule a time to discuss joining our program.

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Ask us about one of the many programs taught at JTR Jujutsu. We do offer private classes, women's self-defense seminar-workshops, and weapons training upon request. Please contact us for further information.

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