GMK Celebration of Live

GMK Celebration of Live

On February 19, 2017, the members of JTR Jujutsu International Inc. came together to celebrate the life of our founder and teacher Hanshi Dong Jin Kim, hosted by Masters Danladi Whitten, Andrae Schuerch, and Wayne Scanlon. It was an event filled with many members and their families from all over the United States and abroad that came to pay their respect and share their memories of Hanshi Kim. It was a great honor to have Hanshi Kim’s widow Hanna Kim attend this event and share our memories and appreciation for her husband and his legacy.

The evening started off with the Master of Ceremonies, Master Danladi Whitten, speaking about Hanshi Kim’s life, teachings, and the impact he has had on his community and everybody that crossed his path at JTR Jujutsu School. Master Whitten said, “He dedicated his entire life to martial arts, and his legacy continues through his students, his family, and friends. Hanshi Kim was a man of great integrity and a “true” martial artist.”

Following opening remarks, the students of the JTR Combat Jujutsu program gave an exciting demonstration of stick defense and appointment sparring; as well as the JTR Shudokan Kendo program with Kendo sparring and Kata demonstrations. Masters Andrae and Wayne have continued their commitment to JTR Jujutsu International by continuing Hanshi Kim’s vision of teaching and developing their students to embrace the art of Combat Jujutsu and Kendo.

Immediately after, Master Danladi Whitten showcased a memorial video of Hanshi Kim’s life journey and the incredible contributions he made to numerous organizations around the world through martial arts. In a rare occasion, the audience had a chance to see Hanshi Kim’s his personal life besides his loving wife, Hanna. It was a very emotional moment for all who knew Hanshi Kim, but it was a glorious celebration of the man that impacted so many, especially those who attended the event.

Finally, Masters Danladi Whitten and Wayne Scanlon presented awards to specific individuals that not only represent Hanshi Kim’s vision of commitment, teaching, and discipline but have dedicated themselves to be outstanding leaders and major contributors to JTR Jujutsu School. It was a fantastic evening, and we were all happy to celebrate our dear friend, teacher, and warrior Hanshi Dong Jin Kim.


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