March 1st KYU Testing

March 1st KYU Testing

It was another KYU Testing night for color belt promotion for JTR Jujutsu International Inc., and our students gave their best performances. Right before testing, our junior belts (Elie, David, and Curtis) took the time to go over techniques ranging from arrest techniques, knife defenses, to blocks and striking combinations. Once enough time was given to our students to get mentally and physically prepared Master Don(5th Dan), Master Andrae (4th Dan), Senior Instructor Michael McNulty (3rd Dan), and Assistant Instructor Amanda Budny (2nd Dan) took their seats front and center and began to line up their students. As soon as everybody was in position, they bowed and paid their respects to Hanshi Dong Jin Kim and then proceeded to bow and pay respects to the judging panel.

It is a known fact that during testing a student’s particular strength is clearly displayed when the spotlight is on, and their commitment to training is transparent in the preciseness of their techniques. Elie (red-belt) had a good evening, his technique was confident and crisp; he rose to the occasion and earned his promotion to a red-advanced belt. David (yellow-advanced) exceeded expectations in his jump rolls and maintained his focus throughout the entire test receiving his blue belt. Finally, Curtis (yellow-advanced) displayed his giant strength in takedowns and knife defense earning his blue belt.

Overall, it was a successful night for JTR students; the panel of judges was thrilled to see their students showcase techniques and their overall endurance for the art of Jujutsu. Now that the JTR students have been promoted, they will now take the next step in learning new techniques and preparing themselves for their next test in three months.


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