Women’s Self Defense

Women’s <span>Self Defense</span>

About Our Women's Self-Defense Class

JTR Jujutsu International Women’s Self-Defense (WSD) program helps give female students the skills and physical conditioning needed to resist a violent attack. Our specialized training gives women strategies and advanced techniques that can provide both the necessary resistance and ability to escape. WSD members gain that presence of mind, that reaction time, to make (and take) that opportunity. Also, instructors teach critical prevention intelligence, how to avoid being targeted by attackers in the first place. If violence cannot be avoided, WSD training helps ensure the strongest defense against attackers of any  size or strength, with a single goal of getting away safely. The most effective skills of combat jujutsu are included in the WSD training to finish the fight against an attacker if necessary.

The Women's Self-Defense program parallels aspects of traditional JTR  jujutsu instruction, in which students learn effective counterattacks to grabs, chokes, and other forms of assault in various positions or orientations (from in front, from behind, standing, kneeling, or on the ground).  This program is highly effective for women living in the urban environment for real self-defense. Also, some WSD members simultaneously enroll in the traditional JTR Jujutsu program, train regularly and achieve black belt. Every student in the WSD program learns how to administer an elbow, head-butt, and knee efficiently. She demonstrates more powerful strength and psychologically prepared to protect herself from physical violence wherever and whenever the need arises.

We welcome visitors to the dojo to observe or participate in the WSD class. The WSD uniform is our light-weight JTR t-shirt, sold on location; you bring your black yoga pants or athletic wear pants (ex. no traditional uniform "Gi" nor belts are worn). No jewelry please, to reduce the risk of injury to yourself or others. Just come with an open mind ready to work hard and train with other women that share that warriors spirit. Our instructors care about keeping you safe in the dojo, while you learn to keep yourself safe in the world outside.

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Women's Self Defense Class Schedule

9:30 to 11:00AM

1 and half hours

Women's Self Defense aka "Combat Fitness"

Beginner to Intermediate

Sensei Danladi / Instructor Janet


6:30 to 7:30PM

1 hr

Women's Self-Defense "Combat Fitness"

Beginner to Intermediate

Sensei Wayne / Instructor Janet

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Ask us about one of the many programs taught at JTR Jujutsu. We do offer private classes, women's self-defense seminar-workshops, and weapons training upon request. Please contact us for further information.

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