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Grandmaster Dong Jin Kim

February 20, 1957 — February 21, 2015

gmkjujutsusignGrandmaster Dong Jin Kim was born in Pusan, South Korea in February of 1957. He had a passionate 48-year journey and career in various martial arts.  Kim began training at the age of ten in Tang Soo Do as a child. Kim's father invested in his martial arts learning by hiring the best teachers in his home town and sent him to practice every single day.

From 1976 through 1984, Kim was the lead instructor Pusan at the City Prison, Pusan Police Department in Kendo. He studied at the De-Wan-Kwan Kumdo School in Kendo under the Hall of Fame and All-World Champion, Grand Master Do Hoo Moon. At this time, Kim also received a degree in Physical Education from the College of Physical Education at the South Korean Incheon National College. In 1985, Kim moved to Japan and continued his Kendo studies at the Tokyo Shudokan Kendo School. Also at this time, he began training in Japanese Jujutsu at the Japan Jujutsu Tokyo School and landed a job teaching police officers in Tokoyo. 

In 1988, Kim moved to Fiji and served in the Fiji military forces from 1989 through 2000 reaching the rank of Major. In Fiji, he founded the Fiji Hapkido Association and the Fiji Kendo Association. Kim also conducted combative and defensive tactics training for various law enforcement and military agencies including the Fiji Prison Service, the Fiji Intelligence Service, the protection detail for the President of Fiji, the Fiji Police Academy, and the Fiji Military Forces. At this time Kim received the honorary title of Captain from the Pohnpei Police Department in Micronesia.

In 2000, Kim moved to the United States and began training law enforcement and military units. Organizations included: the Salt Lake City Police Department SWAT Team, the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Office, Davis County Sheriffs Office and the U.S. Army 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne). In 2006 Kim worked with the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Police, U.S. Coast Guard(Headquarters), U.S. Army Military Police (CID) - Protective Services Battalion, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security Investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the U.S. Secret Service. Grand Master Kim was awarded the rank of honorary colonel by The Salt Lake City Police Department in 2004. Kim passed away in February of 2015, the day after his 58th birthday while preparing for a day of teaching in his JTR Jujutsu International school in Washington DC.



  • In 2008, Kim created a Combative and Defensive Tactics at the National Defense University.
  • In 2010, Kim opened a storefront location "dojo" or martial arts school called the JTR Jujutsu International located in NW Washington, D.C. 
  • In 2012, Kim created a Combatives and Defensive Tactics course at the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • In 2012, Kim established a training program for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • In 2013, Kim became the combat jujutsu instructor at the United States Department of Energy.
  • In 2014, Kim became the combat jujutsu instructor at the United States Department of Justice.
  • In 2014, Kim became a combat Jujutsu instructor at the United States Department of State.
  • In 2014, Kim became a certified dojo and member of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division (DNBK ID) 大日本武徳会 (lit. "Greater Japan Martial Virtue Society")

Martial Arts Style

List of Grandmaster Kim's martial arts styles, dan levels, and accomplishments.


9th Dan Blackbelt and Master certification, as certified by Korea Kido Association


8th Dan Blackbelt, as certified by Japan Jigo Tensin-Ryu Jujutsu Seibukan Association 8th Dan Hanshi (posthumously), Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division (DNBK ID)

Tang Soo Do (Karate)

5th Dan Blackbelt, International Tang Soo Do Federation


8th Dan Blackbelt, as certified by Japan Jigo Tensin-Ryu Jujutsu Seibukan Association 7th Dan and Kyoshi Title, as certified by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division (DNBK ID)

Defensive Tactics & Combatives

Instructor Course Certificate with the National Defense University


Master training in Cane, Stick, Knife, Sword, Staff & Pistol

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