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J.T.R. Jujutsu International or “Jigo Tenshin-Ryu” Jujutsu originates from the collection of Japanese Jujutsu “old style” martial techniques, tactically rooted in a combative style. This is a practice form that descends directly from the lineage founded by Fujita Chosuke Fumoto Norisada in the first years of the 19th Century by combining elements of the Yoshin Ryu and Kasahara Ryu jujutsu lineages.  This type of training is designed for hand-to-hand combat and involves conditioning exercises, striking drills, and much more. 

Instructors prioritize student safety by explaining and demonstrating all techniques that are taught before members practice with partners. Strict guidelines are provided and followed since many of the techniques can cause bodily injury when performed at full speed. Over time students gain skill and confidence from repetitions in training to learn the necessary sensitivity and mechanics with each move. 

JTR jujutsu is a combat martial art system and does not participate in tournament competitions nor allow drop-in guests for randori (freestyle sparring). As a Japanese “Budo” style, traditional martial art or translated to mean “Martial Way” or “Way of War” includes forbidden techniques from sports styles like Judo or Brazilian Jujitsu.

This JTR Jujutsu style employs many demonstrational techniques and dynamic movement with striking training drills. Free sparring is generally light contact or simulation fighting where partners practice various techniques upon one another under controlled conditions. Our full-contact sparring is designated only for higher-level, advanced belts with years of training. Strikes, chokes, and joint locks are reduced from their full power to prevent serious injuries.  Safety is of great importance in our dojo, this is a combat style designed to inflict bodily injury when applied with meaningful intent. 


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