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The JTR Jujutsu International Kids program classes build children’s self-confidence, physical strength, discipline, focus, and moral character. Our activity is highly structured and organized, with many fun conditioning exercises, martial arts movement combinations, and exciting games.  Children learn self-defense techniques from the “old style” martial arts way and life philosophy. We teach conflict resolution, de-escalation, and problem-solving tactics as a mental strength that students may face in their everyday lives. Our JTR Kids classes are offered days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, after school hours, and Saturday morning). Physical conditioning is a significant part of the JTR Kids program, and we make it fun. Enough said…come check us out and see what makes us such a special place.  

Master Don is the principal instructor, presenting with over 41 years of experience in martial arts training. Each technique is taught with a child’s safety and well-being in mind. Students are encouraged to support one another throughout the class, creating a warm learning environment that brings out the best in anyone. 

All the instructors put a strong emphasis on fun exercises, discipline, organization, and attention to detail. Students’ use of a peer-modeling approach in their self-development of moral character; parents frequently share that this is noteworthy and transformative. 

Master Don, the school owner, is a doctor of physical therapy who has extensive experience working with children and designing exercise programs for children with special needs.

During the quarterly promotional exams, children go before a board of examiners to show what they have learned.  The student demonstrates the appropriate proficiency in the learned techniques per their skill level,  a disciplined attitude, and a passing grade in the fitness assessment. Then, they can earn a new belt with a rank promotion. 

The ascending rank is based on the color belt system moving to a higher position of status, honor, and respect among peers.  Also, the tests explore how each student comprehends and answers questions about the moral values that they are taught. 


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