JTR’s Women’s Self-Defense “WSD” program empowers members with practical combat tools for survival. This actual “functional fitness” program will leave your muscles feeling sore, but that’s how you know you are building real strength.

Get ready for this moderate to high-intensity workout activities. Our training curriculum is derived from proven, evidence-based techniques and strategies to employ close-quarters counter-attacks and escape techniques. WSD members gain self-confidence and a presence of situational awareness and preventative safety measures through education.

Our instructors include police officers and combative experts that can teach you “how-to” to avoid being targeted and respond with power. WSD – a mind and body experience that will leave you with the essential survival skills.



The WSD program is not a martial arts class; therefore, no martial arts uniforms or belts are worn. Instead, there are a series of core strength and power-strike drills and more drills. Get it!

WSD Class activities may include repetitive strikes on pads or training dummies and moving into various fighting positions or orientations (front, rear, standing, kneeling, or while lying on your back).

This program is highly effective for women living in an urban environment that are part of a vulnerable population with increased safety risks while doing activities like running, nightlife, dating, and traveling alone.

Our self-defense tactics give you more self-confidence; they can be applied immediately or in any environment to protect you from harm.

Master Don, the school director, is also a physical therapy doctor with 40 years of experience in martial arts. He has designed the WSD curriculum with simplicity and maximum impact. Senior Instructor Amanda and Officer Davis (MPD) are instructors that know how to bring out your highest energy by pushing you to new limits. We prioritize our members’ safety by participating in classes and learning techniques that can ultimately inflict pain or serious bodily injury if used in self-defense.

The Weekly Classes run every Tuesday & Thursday from 6 – 7 PM / Saturday 9 – 10 AM

Group Training Seminars

Join one of our WSD Crash Courses - Safety & Self-Defense Workshop

Your group will learn evidence-based prevention and protection tactics in this specialized training workshop. Our “WSD program gives you critical life-saving skills. Take control and assume the role and responsibility to be your first responder by being prepared to take action.

Learn how to fight against sexual assault, domestic violence, and acts of aggression. This unique program will give you critical information and practical tools. Are you ready and willing to protect yourself if ever attacked?

The Women’s Self-Defense (WSD) program hosts one-day “Crash Course” seminars for women ages +12 and above. We invite you and your loved ones to schedule a private group class or attend a workshop to pick up these critical life skills & get educated.

“My daughter is graduating high school and is headed to college. We wanted her to be prepared before potential risks to defend herself from sexual assault or rape. JTR WSD program did just that! As a mother, we organized our friends and attended a self-defense workshop. It is super fun, thought-provoking, and empowering. I feel that all girls should take a class before leaving home.” – Julia Stoveil (2021)

Upcoming - Women's Self-Defense Crash Course

Saturday, September 30th, 2023

Time: 12:30 - 3:00 PM

Kids Jujustu Program

Women's Active self-protection Workshop

Combat Jujustu Program

Our qualified team of instructors will share educational information and teach you the common risk factors to keep you safe, enhancing your situational awareness.

  • Combative experts – Master Don, Senior Instructor Budny, Asst Instructor Crespo
  • Law enforcement officers – Sargent Ofr. L. Wheeler, A. Davis
  • Weapons expert. & Security Special Agent – K. Woodruff 

You’ve never taken a self-defense class like this before! We’ll show you the most advanced close-quarters combat techniques you can use on day one that will empower you to defend yourself. The training activity is very physical and has moderate to high-intensity movements, which can be challenging. We’ll show you techniques, and then you will get to work by executing forceful strikes against our training equipment. The training is a complete mind, body, and spirit experience guaranteed to be a high-value experience.

Program Cost –  $50 + Tax                   Register Now!!


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