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An Exclusive Learning Experience

We offer both individualized and private group training sessions. You can customize your learning experience with a lesson plan created around your area of interest: weapons training, hand-to-hand combat skills, specialized police arrest tactics, takedowns, grappling, submission holds, pressure points, and more.

We’ll arrive at your door with the essential equipment and expertise to take you to the next level. Are you living outside the area of Washington, DC? Let’s schedule a virtual training session where you can get the education and in-home training you need to advance your self-defense skills to achieve your goals.

Whether you are an experienced combat martial artist or a novice in self-defense, we systematically advance your understanding of the science of fighting through our unique blend of training exercises and defensive tactics. We customize and design a program to fit your individual needs based on an evaluation of your work environment and evidence-based research:

Law Enforcement                       Special Police & Security

Real Estate Agents                     Teachers &  Students

Flight Attendants                       Nurses & Medical Professionals

Ask us how we can make your workplace safer… 

Tell us about yourself and your occupation; we’ll show ways to reduce your potential risks, preventative measures, and protective programming.

Request a quote. Rates vary depending on group size, time, location, and frequency.

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