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Why Adults Should Learn Jujutsu

Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to have started taking martial arts classes as a child to become a master as an adult. In 2020, 6.9 million Americans were enrolled in martial arts classes. Adults want to learn the art of Japanese self-defense! JTR Jujutsu International offers multiple classes for adults of varying skill levels. Each class teaches new Jujutsu skillsets that encourage benefits other than just self-defense.

JTR jujutsu is a combative style of martial arts. Students at JTR Jujutsu International learn techniques and movement skills for self-defense with their whole body and various weapons like knives, sticks, and swords. Head instructor Danladi Whitten aka “Master Don,”  is ranked as a sixth-degree black belt in Japanese jujutsu and holds black belts in several other martial arts styles. His decades of experience thru leaning and teaching have allowed him to share his knowledge of the art of jujutsu with his students and guide them in the learning process. Many of the women students who are living in the D.C. area find it to be a unique way to stay fit and build self-confidence. They report feeling much safer living in the city, especially when walking or living alone, knowing they have the skills to defend themselves.

JTR Jujutsu members include parents who often work stressful jobs and balance household responsibilities with finding opportunities to stay fit and a healthy outlet. These students view their training as an essential way to experience real self-development through practicing this martial art form and as the best stress relief activity. JTR jujutsu is a progressive system; as the belt levels increase, students move up in rank and have improvements in their strength and fitness. JTR jujutsu practitioners push themselves to physical limits through the training program and gain agility and endurance. Just imagine yourself sparring with another person who is challenging your every move. Like a physical chess game, you will feel alive and in the moment. It’s an unbelievable experience! 

Of course, all this physical movement has health benefits, but what about the mental health that follows? Students feel calm in facing life’s frequent challenges and report reduced stress levels. Success is measured in results, which allows students to feel more confident, disciplined, and accomplished as they complete each class. For some, the positive mental health results from doing jujutsu are more impactful than every other activity. The school members form beautiful friendships and share meaningful social connections fostering well-being and community. 

Become the most exciting version of yourself. Sign-up for a free trial class today at JTR Jujutsu International. 

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