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The Best Youth Martial Arts Program in Washington DC

Building the Youth Through Traditional Martial Arts

JTR Jujutsu International stands out as a premier traditional martial arts school in Washington, DC. Unlike common sport-style martial arts schools like Tae Kwon Do, Judo, or Brazilian JuJitsu, JTR Jujutsu International provides a holistic approach to martial arts. Here, students learn an all-encompassing system of self-defense techniques, character mindfulness, and total body physical activities to develop real-life skills.

Most students at JTR Jujutsu are children under 12 years old from DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Parents often choose martial arts as an extracurricular activity for their children, witnessing significant improvements in their mental and physical health, which extend to other aspects of their lives.

Master Don, the program director, and a physical therapist, sees considerable benefits in youth who study martial arts. He states,” It’s not just about learning combat skills but also about developing self-discipline, speed, strength, balance, and coordination.”

In an era where screen time often replaces outdoor play and peer-to-peer interaction, martial arts provide an invaluable alternative. Excessive “screen time” has been linked to childhood depression, while martial arts promote healthy communication, cooperative learning, and self-esteem.

At JTR Jujutsu, students progress through the “color belt” system, marking their mastery and skill level. They must adhere to strict dojo rules and practice independently outside class. This discipline often extends to better behavior at home and improved respect for authority figures.

Moreover, the concept of self-respect taught at JTR Jujutsu extends to respecting others. The dojo environment fosters this through bowing to teachers, removing shoes, using good communication, controlled physical contact, and courtesy of others personal space.

Finally, JTR Jujutsu classes are high-intensity activities, making children sweaty, relaxed, and more self-aware. The school offers three classes for children of varying age levels: The Little Samurai Class (for 3-4 y/o), JTR Kids (5-11), and JTR Youth (12-16).

Enroll your child in JTR Jujutsu’s fall classes today and witness the transformative power of martial arts!

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